1000w amplifier circuit


  • Just need to think again if you want to build this kind of power amplifier 2000 Watt. This is for SIR FRED. I AM VERY INTERESTED TO MAKE THIS 2000W AMPLIFIER. I DONT HAVE A FOIL PATTERN AND GUIDES. IN RESPONSE OF YOUR REQUEST FOR A 20-BAND EQUALIZER, I HAVE A COPY OF IT. I DONT KNOW IF YOU ALREADY SEEN THIS. ITS DESCRIPTION IS "MUSICAL INSTRUMENT (EXPANDABLE)GRAPHIC EQUALIZER" FROM ROD ELLIOT (ESP). HOW CAN I SHARE THIS WITH YOU?? CAN I HAVE A COPY OF THE FOIL PATTERN AND GUIDES OF THE 2000W AMP PLS..PLS..? sir can you give me a pcb layout ang diagram of 1000w amplifier,tnks. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. hi, i have got 20 band graphic equalizer. it schematic,how it works,construction,part list,specification,PCB layout. . Stereo Tone Control with Line In + Microphone Mixer. i can create my own electronic appliances to the help of schematic diagram. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. I need 1000w audio power amplifire.plz help me sir. circuit diagram of 2000 watts audio power amplifier circuit & pcb diagram. Tags: 2000 watt inverter schematic, 2000w amplifier schematic, 2000w power amplifier, amplifier 2000 watt, power amplifier 2000 watt, power amplifier circuit, power amplifier circuit diagram. The schematic is very helpful, but please just put the watt rates of the resistors, or else a part list with the watt rates next to each resistor, with the schematic aswell, and R30 has no ohm value. Also please explain the JP2 part, not queit sure what's going on there. Th dotted lines between t4 and t2, and t1 and t3. please explain that aswell. please, can u provide me a full schematic diagram and foil; pattern of 2000 watts power amplifier and also a guide setting for step by step building of the said amplifier which is a true full 2000 watts per channel. 300W RMS Stereo Power Amplifier based IC TDA7294. this schematic is not clear, if you can enlarge it a bit. i need 2000 watts audio power amplifier circuit diagram can u please give me that i would be very greatfull. Power Inverter 100W, 12V DC to 220V AC. this schematic is not clear may you publish more 1000-5000 schematis visible or clearly.. tahnks very much from indonesia. hello i want 1000 watts ampli digrm help me plz plz plz plz plz. George Otieno on 200W Power Amplifier Using Transistor. i want a functional diagram and a PCB layout of 1500 watts power amplifier indicate also the instructional procedure please help me and god bless. This kind of power amplifier circuit need high power consumption, so you need to build the power supply carefully. It need dual polarity power supply (+85, 0, -85) and of course with high DC current of about 20A.

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