Twice turtle vlive

She's definitely been more reserved since the "scandal" and I don't blame her. Besides that, she's always been shy and not the most expressive, it's a nice change when you have Dahyun and Sana in the same group, for example. I believe the reason she's like that is cause of the scandal. I think it may have possibly made her think twice a lot of times on how to react to certain situations. Tzuyu in the second anniversary V Live reminds me a lot of Tzuyu in the LOA countdown V Live, but maybe that's just cause she dances with a stuffed animal in both haha:P. I think it also has to do with the language barrier. Yeah she can speak and understand Korean, but once some variety host speaks too fast or something, she has to process it and often or not has a "thinking" face. She also is the only one that has to learn/balance multiple languages. Yeah and the dumbass non-scandal by some whiny Chinese celeb did affect her quiet as well. I think her "reserved" looks only comes when they are on variety shows. She is more loosen up/comfortable around the girls and on fan meetings and vlives. She's always been like that, it's her personality. The first MV had a different vibe and she had to act like that. I pay pretty close attention to Tzuyu and how she behaves, and although she was never the loudest or most outgoing, I do think she became more reserved after the scandal, especially on variety shows. Honestly just get so pissed off everytime I think of the scandal. She's just a teenage girl (who is extremely talented and who is a kpop sensation now, Chewy for life) who is just trying to be proud of her country, Jesus Christ man. She apologized for being a proud Taiwanese. But back to the main point though, she has gotten quieter since the issue. I was watching back Twice's tv4 yesterday and saw her being so happy and expressive during those times. But it's great to see that she's slowly getting into her more expressive self nowadays la, she was so into Turtle during their Vlive spoiler stream, happy for her:D. search for "text" in self post contents self:yes (or self:no) include (or exclude) self posts nsfw:yes (or nsfw:no) include (or exclude) results marked as NSFW. its the scandal she definitely doesn't talk as much or make savage comments in broadcast shows anymore. Chinese, English, and Korean. Japanese only promo wise.. As for variety shows and public appearances, I will admit that Tzuyu really doesn't seem to be adapting very well to Twice's current "Nation's Vitamin" image where all the girls are expected to be happy, cute and coquettish all the time. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. get reddit premium. She's always mentioned that she has trouble expressing herself. I think that burden is made worse during things like tv appearances/variety, etc. Althought she may seem awkward/shy during those times, you can see her real charms like being a straight savage to her unnies during things like vlives where there isn't so much pressure. you can tell the difference when you watch her on Vlive and on broadcast shows. use the following search parameters to narrow your results:. I dug up an old comment I made about this a while ago. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. You can search up "Tzuyu Scandal" or "Tzuyu flag scandal". The gist of it is that she held up Taiwan's flag during a show then some idiot singer stated that tzuyu was pro independence for Taiwan. This lead to a bunch of people hating on her for doing something "political" like that. Then the company made her apologize and that's basically it. It's all really really stupid considering she was 16 at that time. it's not right to judge idol's personality or behaviours just with videos. but if i make a guess. she doesn't give a fuck if subject doesn't interest her, she doesn't force. you can see from her eyes when she is really happy and excited and when she is bored. ofcourse scandal shocked her but she is also quiet and a bit blunt. i think she shows most of her joy and love to members. she love her unnies, also language barrier still a thing for her. top new controversial old random q&a live (beta). I absolutely adore Twice and their members, but there's something about Tzuyu that doesn't sit right with me. She's VERY reserved and her smiles look a bit forced sometimes. And besides her smile, she really doesn't bring much to the table expression wise. I just watched their debut MV and there it felt like she had so much more character and was actually enjoying herself, she was making funny faces and looked very happy. Then I was wondering if it might have something to so with the scandal? I don't follow Twice that closely to know, so I'm asking you ONCE's: did you notice her acting different after the scandal? Is it when she became so reserved or has she always been like that? And I'm fully aware that she's still very young and maybe just needs time to warm up more to the spotlight. But what do you think? I think in time, as her korean will be better and she grows up that she'll be more expressive but probably not the extent of the other members.