Carbide blade for wood

is a tough blade that stays sharper longer in the most difficult sawing conditions such as tropical hardwoods, kiln dried lumber, engineered wood, and more abrasive materials. 4 degree: frozen or extreme hardwoods on all sawmills. 9 degree: seasoned, hardwoods for lower horsepower sawmills making narrow cuts on smaller logs. Keep drive belts tight to transmit higher horsepower to the sawmill blade, especially with new belts that need tightened more frequently. Norwood Lumbermate 2000/LM29/MarkI-IV, LumberMan MN26, LumberLite ML26, LL24. You don't have permission to access " on this server. Reference #18.7fd7d217.1558380550.d7cd4a6. 4. UNDERSTAND DIFFERENT WOOD SPECIES AND MOISTURE CONTENT. Wider blades for higher horsepower (25+HP) sawmills and a faster feed rate. Blades are currently only available in 1.25" - 3" material. *Order 60 blades or more to receive FREE SHIPPING + 15% OFF your entire blades order. (Savings shown in cart). Lubricating the sawmill blade can lead to higher sawing performance, reduced pitch build up, longer life between blade sharpenings, and overall blade life. Dirt, rocks, sand, and other foreign material that may be in the log will wear the teeth considerably faster. A debarker can help with this. Continue selecting options to choose a blade that fits your needs. 7 degree: frozen, tropical, and extreme hardwoods on higher horsepower (25+HP), wide cut sawmills. Use Wood-Mizer's resharp blade sharpening service or your own blade maintenance equipment to ensure your bandsaw blades maintain maximum precision and performance. Periodically check hydraulic tensioners, air bags, and springs, because proper tension is critical for maximum blade performance and cutting speeds. Feed rates should be as fast as possible while still maintaining a straight cut because cutting at slower speeds reduces overall bandsaw blade life. When installing a new sawmill blade, make a few cuts at a moderate speed to "break in" the blade. Also, minimize skim cuts when only one side of the set tooth is sawing. Understanding sawmill blade geometry and terminology can be complex. Here is a crash course in choosing a blade profile that is best suited for your sawing application. The blade wheel belts must be in good condition to reach peak performance because worn belts can lead to blade tracking problems. Swapping drive side and idle side can extend belt life. Wood-Mizer LT15,LT15START, LT15GO, LT28, LT35, LT40, LT50, HR120, HR130, HR300, HR500, HR700. Eliminate downtime and keep sawing with these 10 helpful tips to increase your bandsaw blade life expectancy. Wood-Mizer offers a wide range of portable sawmills, secondary processing equipment, sawmill blades, and sawmill blade maintenance equipment.