Best construction companies in oman

Our construction group ranks among the country's well- known contractors, operates independently, and targets large commercial, industrial, residential and infrastructure projects in the Sultanate of Oman. Our business is driven by the needs of our clients, and our employees are motivated by always providing higher levels of expertise. Working with public and private sector, SAM Engineering had earned reputation for quality and timely completion of tasks. We deliver quality of service to our clients by providing customized civil engineering and building solutions to public and private sector clients. CONTINUOUSLY KEEN AND DEDICATED TO CONSTRUCT OUR ROAD TO SUCCESS. We are proud of our success. Our staff whose skills, dedication and expertise have greatly contributed towards that achievement. Over the past 28 years, SAM Engineering L.L.C has grown in its contracting business into one of Oman's leading construction companies with projects across different regions of the Sultanate working in solidarity with our employees and customers. SAM Engineering is contributing to the construction industry and the remarkable development of the Sultanate.