A korean odyssey season 1 episode 19

Sohn Oh-gong drive. After school, the teacher-ghost haunts Sun-mi's walk home and gets angry at Sun-mi's repeated rebuffs. The ghost grabs Sun-mi's umbrella and looms menacingly, just as a man shows up wielding an umbrella with a black bull's head for a handle. One slam of the shaft onto the ground sends the ghost flying, then bursting into a cloud of black smoke. It's Jin Sun-mi ( Oh Yeon-seo ), now an adult, and she ignores the pleasantries and opens her umbrella in the landlords' faces, sending them reeling back. The forest grows increasingly gnarled and ominous, until finally Sun-mi comes to a house perched precariously on stilts overhanging a cliff. As she approaches the house, we hear her earlier question to Mawang, regarding why he needed her to do this task. He'd answered that the house was invisible to humans, yet only allowed entry to humans. Mawang leads Sun-mi through the forest toward a house, where he needs her to retrieve a special fan for him. A fire has been raging in the mountains, and he needs the fan in order to stop the fire. Once she gives him the fan, he'll give her his umbrella. Sun-mi asks Han-joo to confirm how many people are in the room, and when she counts an extra set of feet, she tells the couple she knows why they charge cheap rent and guesses that many businesses have gone to ruin here. With each candle that Sun-mi puts out, one of Oh-gong's tattoo shackles disappears. Finally freed, Oh-gong gasps in relief, and immediately the house vanishes around them, leaving them standing in a field outdoors. It's rather early to draw conclusions, but if you asked me which Hong sisters we're getting with this drama, I'd say it's much more of the Master's Sun Hong sisters vibe, and not as much the Big/Warm and Cozy vibe. The source material is rich and plentiful, and I think the Hongs do much better when there's a lot to riff off of and reinvent, rather than starting from scratch. And the casting really is spot-on. Sohn Oh-gong: The Koreanized name of Sun Wukong, our Monkey King. At one point before he was imprisoned, Monkey styled himself "the Great Sage, Equal to Heaven," and is sometimes called this by other characters. As she looks around, suddenly a gold rod slams onto the table, held by a stone-faced man/being/spirit ( Lee Seung-gi ). He asks Sun-mi how she came to be here, and Sun-mi recalls Mawang's warning and pretends not to hear him. He lets her go, and Sun-mi continues on her way out. But Oh-gong calls out to her again, noticing when she flinches in response. He asks again why she took the fan, and this time, knowing she can't fake not hearing him, Sun-mi replies that the fairy ajusshi asked her to do it. (The drama does, it must be noted, follow in tvN's infuriating pattern of shows coming in at ungodly lengths—you want me to watch TWO 90-minute episodes a week? I can barely watch one 90-minute movie a month! As a result, I started drinking to help me get through the exhausting length, which on one hand sped up the watching process but on the other hand vastly slowed down the writing process. You win some, you lose some.). Seung-gi's back, rejoice! More to the point, Seung-gi's back with perhaps the most perfectly cast role, which is a promising way to kick off one of the big buzz projects of the year. Thrilled, Oh-gong thanks Sun-mi and declares that the first thing he'll do is drink liquor and tries to hurry away. But she grabs his hand and reminds him of his promise to protect her, and asks her to deliver her home to her grandma. The teacher-ghost grins widely to see that one TEEN can see her, and zooms up to Sun-mi's face (ack! Stop that!) to taunt her. As her classmates eye her in confusion, Sun-mi unfurls her umbrella at the ghost, and a talisman flashes on its surface to repel it. Sun-mi tells Mawang that she doesn't find him scary, unlike when she sees evil ghosts. He deduces that she can see things that aren't human, saying that he's been searching for a special human like her to do him a favor. She agrees to help if he'll swap umbrellas, and they shake on the deal. Sun-mi asks for a contract. HA! Oh-gong agrees, and asks what her stipulations are. Sun-mi requests, "Please protect me. I see very frightening monsters.". His dramatics get the crowd hyped up, and afterward he's praised for being a "ratings fairy." Mawang's face turns dark, and he says sternly, "I am not a fairy. I am a devil." Then he turns jokey and plays it off as something he read in the netizen comments. She guesses that he's not human, and Mawang replies, "So you won't get scared, let's call me a fairy." LOL. He tells her his name, adding, "If you call my name when you're in trouble, in danger, or scared, I'll appear and protect you." He holds out his hand, and they touch palms to seal the deal, whereupon a ball of light rises from his palm. Sun-mi looks up at the man—the eccentric from our opening, WOO MAWANG ( Cha Seung-won )—and he smiles at her. She asks how he chased the ghost away, and he slams his umbrella down, causing leaves to blow away. She tries the same with her own umbrella, and is disappointed when it doesn't work.