Ve commodore bcm location

just incase anyone wants to know what a scanguage is this is the Australian seller for scanguage. Cheers for the replies, I think those scanners are a great idea to have when driving a Holden. Anything to do with 4WD's &/or related to Fourby's. Yep, turns out the key simply decided to die. Holden reprogrammed a new key and it's all good again. Chit Chat - all the stuff that's NOT Fourby or 4WD related!. we drove it home from the dealer it was fine, tried to start it again and it popped the same sort of error and would not start, you could lock and unlock the doors with it but the BCM would not detect the keyfob. I tried the spare key and that would not work too, once the error was tripped it refused to start no matter what. I had the same issue with the wifes commodore, she damaged one of the keys and we took it to holden so they could program a new keyfob to the vehicle. I drove to Bendigo this evening and after my appointment I jumped in my 2014 Collie and upon turning the ignition discovered that it wouldn't turn over. A message come up on the screen saying "Service theft deterrent system" and I was stuck an hour away from home without my new working ute. I tried undoing the battery, locking and unlocking the doors every way possible and ended up calling the Holden roadside assist. When the RACV arrived the fella retried all the above and ended up having my ute towed to the Bendigo Holden dealership and called me a cab. I was pretty annoyed to find out that the roadside cover only covered $55 of the $135 cab fare. Now my utes in Bendigo and I'll have to pay staff to run my business so my wife can drive me down to get it when it's fixed. Has anyone come across this message as of yet?? apparently once you trip that error it needs to be sorted by holden or maybe like austracker said error codes cleared with something like scanguage. thats a bummer mate.I've had something like that a while ago.Can't remember the exact wording. I reset the computer with the scan gauge (google it) and it has not returned. All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year. No seriously, I had to post my spare key down to the Bendigo Dealership today so they can take a better look into once they have them both. I hope it is as simple as the key, that should mean I can pick it up tomorrow afternoon. it might be the keyfob that's faulty or battery dead from being in pocket keeping the button pressed down. since that day I keep spare batterys for the keys in the glovebox, and I already own a scanguage so if that ever happens again I will try and clear the error codes. holden had to tow it back to their yard and the guy that programmed the key said the keyfob he had used must have been faulty and he used a another keyfob which solved the problem, I never had an issue with it again. IMPORTANT! Please click here to read before entering. IMPORTANT! Please click here to read before entering.